Jeffrey M. Fazio, M.Ed. 




Graphic Design - Web Sites

 These are various Web sites that I have created.

Jeff Fazio Portfolio
    Yes, this Web site is completely designed and maintained by me. As indicated elsewhere, I saw a similar site created by an applicant at my university and I was inspired to create my own space to document my professional career development.
Oct. 2009 - Present


    This Web site was created for the business LeaderShout. In the spring of 2010, April Harris-Snyder and I co-founded this organization as a for-profit endeavor that offers high-impact, interactive college-level leadership workshops for high school students.
July 2010 - Present
    This Web site was created for the jeweler, Cynthia Foley. It showcases her various products and services.
Jan. 2005 - Present

Jekyl Hyde Racing

    This Web site was created for my racing business.
It was a crucial tool in promoting the company and soliciting sponsorship which allowed me to reach goals in racing that would have been impossible without the support I garnered.

Apr. 2004 - Present

MR2 Records

    This Web site was created to host various records for the Toyota MR2 internationally. Beyond designing the Web site, I was the primary person responsible for updating the records until November of 2007. It's also worth noting that I hold many records on those pages!

Apr. 2005 - Nov. 2007