Jeffrey M. Fazio, M.Ed. 





On April 16, 2009, Penn State Berks hosted the inaugural NOISE concert. the 2-hour experience was held in celebration of GLBTA persons everywhere. In addition to honoring sexual diversity, the attendees enjoyed a diversity of music and poetry.

 The concert featured rock-and-roll music by Eric Himan, pop/folk music by Mara Levi and hip hop music from KIN4LIFE. Additionally, several student poets performed. The night was an incredible success and the hope is that this concert will be an annual event.

In addition to the concert, the evening started off with a private dinner for the concert committee and performers. That was followed by a presentation called "Out in the Real World," hosted by Mara Levi.

Another awesome aspect to the show was that it was a collaborative effort of Penn State Berks' Campus Activity Board (CAB) and the campus's Rainbow Alliance. The two groups worked together to make all of this happen.



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