Jeffrey M. Fazio, M.Ed. 




Publications: Trip Notes newsletter

These articles were written for Trip Notes that is published by Club MR2. There was a period of my life that I was incredibly active in the national (and even international) Toyota MR2 scene. During this time, my adventures in automobile racing were documented in a wide array of publications.

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Taking on the Domestics

This article shares an interesting experience I had racing. I entered a Toyota MR2 into a drag race competition that was geared toward domestic cars.

Oct.-Nov. 2005

Vol. 5, Issue 3


Hill climbing is not for kids

This article discusses what is involved in getting started with hill climb racing.

Jun.-Sept. 2005

Vol. 5, Issue 2

MR2 Addiction leads to double dose

In this feature, I discuss how I came to own two very similar cars and why they were known as Jekyl and Hyde.

Dec. 2003-Jan. 2004

Vol. 3, Issue 4

The Worst of Times Sadly this article shares the trying times I had as a young 20-something and driving modified cars.



Feb.-Mar. 2004

Vol.3, Issue 5

Mission Accomplished

This article explains what my original goals were when I started racing and the accomplishments that have defined me reaching all of my goals.

Aug.-Sep. 2004

Vol. 4, Issue 3